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1. The Bug - Freakshow feat. Danny Brown & Kiki Hitomi

The Bug - Freakshow feat. Danny Brown & Kiki Hitomi

Ninjashop / iTunes The Bug - 'Filthy' EP released 12 August 2013 on Ninja Tune

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3. Solid Steel Radio Show 24/8/2012 Part 3 + 4 - PC + Kiki Hitomi

Solid Steel Radio Show 24/8/2012 Part 3 + 4 - PC + Kiki Hitomi

PC makes a special return to the show to continue the carnival atmosphere with two Jamaican cuts riding the Agony Riddim from Super Cat and King Kong. Then it's closer to home with DJ Vadim featuring Demolition Man and Roots Manuva with Bashment Boogie, followed by Solid Steel staple 'one Blood' by Junior Reid, classic jungle from Conquering Lion and ending with 'Walk and Skank' by Jah Screechy. Our guest mix this week comes from Kiki Hitomi, a member of King Midas Sound on Hyperdub records alongside Kevin Martin (The Bug) and Roger Robinson. We hear their trademark sounds alongside music from The Kills remixed by The Bug, Bjork and Clause Four, plus we hear Kiki Hitomi revoicing tracks by Zomby, Mark Pritchard and Evian Christ as well. PART 3 - PC Super Cat _ Teach Them Something _ Ottey’s King Kong _ Do Noh Get High _ Ottey’s Vadim & Demolition Man _ Up to Jah _ Ninja Tune Roots Manuva _ Bashment Boogie _ Big Dada Lesley Thunder _ Stand Up _ Jams Clement Ire _ Kolo–Ko _ Cann’s Enterprise Steele, Clevie & Dalton _ Dub & Giggle – R.M.I. _ Cann’s Enterprise Junior Reid _ One Blood _ Big Life Admiral Bailey _ Big Belly Man _ Jammy’s Conquering Lion _ Code Red (94 Remix) _ Mango Jah Screechy _ Walk & Skank _ Blacker Dread PART 4 - Kiki Hitomi Techno Animal _ Needle Park (Kiki Hitomi Revoice) _ Virgin The Kills _ Satellite (The Bug Remix) _ Domino Zomby _ Witch Hunt ( Kiki Hitomi "Neil Young -Old Man" Cover Revoice) _ 4AD Records NoinoNoinoNoino _ 8 _ Unknown King Midas Sound _ Earth A Kill Ya ( Mala Rework) _ Hyperdub King Midas Sound _ Blue (Kiki Hitomi Revoice) _ Hyperdub Clause Four _ Mars Reprise _ Jahtari Mark Pritchard _ Elephant Dub (Kiki Hitomi "Buju Banton-Murderer" Cover Revoice) _ Deep Medi Black Chow _ Air _ Jahtari Björk _ Storm (The Music From Matthew Barney's Drawing Restraint 9) _ Polydor Evian Christ _ Thrown like Jacks (Kiki Hitomi "Velvet Underground- Venus in Furs" Cover Revoice) _ Tri Angle John Cohen _ If ever (Kiki Hitomi Revoice) _ Vagrant

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4. Kiki Hitomi Boiler Room Berlin Live Performance

Kiki Hitomi Boiler Room Berlin Live Performance

► Download audio: ► Tracklist here: ► Spaced-out sounds brought to you by Kiki Hitomi live in the Boiler Room studio.

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5. Kiki Hitomi - Yellow Story

Kiki Hitomi - Yellow Story

Belt up for a mind-altering journey through time and space stopping by Japanese enka, 8-bit psychedelica and mutated digi dub on this genre-defying long player from King Midas Sound’s Kiki Hitomi and Jahtari bossman disrupt. Set against an intergalactic backdrop of riddims and soundscapes “Karma No Kusari” (“Chain Of Karma”) unfolds piece by piece, with Kiki’s otherworldly tone of voice providing a ghostly atmosphere that is at times unsettling but always achingly beautiful. This gritty disc of cosmic vintage pop – entirely done without a computer – includes compositions by Maffi, the mysterious Tapes plus a transmission from the immortal Space Ape. With stunning artwork by Kiki herself “Karma No Kusari” is indispensible for any true space cadet. Strictly limited pressing – outer-space black vinyl edition!

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